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Assessment, diagnosis and management of specific health complaints This is done by clinicians working as a health care team.

Sexual and reproductive healthGPs who specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology. Registered nurses provide preventative care, Well Women’s Health screening (including Pap smears), incontinence advice and shared antenatal care.

Pharmacological treatmentsRegular review of medication compliance and effects by GPs, referral to community pharmacists for Home Medicines Review where necessary.

Procedural Treatments: GPs attend to minor excisions, biopsies, removal of foreign bodies, insertion of Implanon and other hormonal treatments, IV fluids for dehydrated patients, catheter insertion, application of plaster of Paris for fractures, IV antibiotic therapy, allergy desensitisation, wedge resection, removal of toenails, suturing of lacerations, resuscitation and stabilisation of patients in cardiac arrest.

Pathology Investigation: Excisions of suspicious skin lesions for diagnosis, diabetes and cardiovascular risk screening, monitoring parameters in clients with a chronic disease. Majority of specimens collected onsite by pathology provider (all service providers complement the pathology recall system to ensure a robust follow-up process).

ReferralsElectronic and / or paper-based referrals to allied health professionals, medical specialists and hospitals, within the local area, out of area where the service is not provided locally. These care providers are often integral to team care planning, collaborative arrangements.

Mental Health Services: Non-pharmacological treatments by mental health nurses include desensitisation therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy. GPs and PNs provide domestic violence screening and referral. Clients seeking psychological support include the aged, retired war veterans, widowers and Defence family members. Pharmacological treatments titrated and adjusted to attain optimal mental state. Case conferencing with collaborative partners provided.

Pain Management: Provided with both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions by GPs and mental health nurses in conjunction with pain specialist consultation. Palliative care services including counselling are provided at the surgery or in the home.

Disease Prevention: Health assessments for 75+ years, 45-49 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI), 4 year old early childhood checks and cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessment. Immunisation clinics lead by PNs provide for children and adults.

Clinical Treatment and MonitoringA PN provides dedicated treatment room services: wound dressing, immunisations, spirometry, doppler, ECG and INR clinic.

Chronic Disease Management: Provided by GPs, mental health nurse and PN: collaborative care planning and review, diabetes annual cycle, provision of self-management strategies and behaviour change counselling provided. Case conferencing conducted with other providers and out of area families as needed.

Home Visits: Provided by GPs, mental health nurse and PNs. For incapacitated clients, services are provided at the home and nursing home, routine medical management, health assessment, immunisation, diabetes annual cycle and wound management.

Early Childhood Health Checks and Immunisation Services: Provided by early childhood nurse-led clinics. Adolescent health services are provided by GPs, early childhood nurse and mental health nurse.

Indigenous HealthRegistration for Closing The Gap program, ATSI health checks, immunisation, advice on risky lifestyle behaviour, diabetes self-management and risk screening.

Maternity Services: Shared care arrangements provided in collaboration with the clients’ obstetrician and/or hospital maternity services.

Diabetes Educator ServicesDiabetes education and care planning support therapeutic intervention and lifestyle modification strategies to enhance quality of life.

Podiatry ServicesOur on site podiatrist provides comprehensive podiatry services to those clients with chronic conditions, both bulk billing and private services.

After Hours CareAfterhours access systems is available to our patients. GP consultation is provided to retirement villages and nursing homes in the area.

Telehealth ServicesAll centres are equipped to allow for telehealth specialist consultation services.

There is also a range of posters, leaflets, and brochures about health issues relevant to the community available for all of our patients in:

• the clinic waiting rooms and

• consultation rooms